Ciklopea Awarded Sixth Certificate Employer Partner

Ciklopea 4 years ago 3 min read

Ciklopea, a company specialized for translation and localization to more than 30 languages, with clients in 41 countries, has been awarded the sixth consecutive Certificate Employer Partner. This is a prestigious award for excellence awarded by SELECTIO, a company that has awarded the Certificate Employer Partner to the organizations that demonstrate excellence in their employee management practices for 14 years.

Ciklopea celebrated its 15th anniversary last year and its representatives say that the company’s competent employees are the reason for the company’s success and that is the reason why Ciklopea is dedicated to the continuous improvement of its HR processes. Sandra Boljkovac Stojak, CEO, and Sara Demiri, received the Certificate Employer Partner from Aleksandar Zemunić, management team member at SELECTIO.

“Although we have been involved in the Employer Partner program for only six years, we have already made tremendous results in all areas, which confirms that we are good at what we do. We are planning to tune up to perfection in the following years and we are not satisfied with anything less than that.”, says Sandra Boljkovac Stojak, CEO.

In this year’s certification, Ciklopea demonstrated a recruitment and selection system that is in line with the best global practices, while the certification team was particularly impressed with the high quality work performance assessment system, which is clearly connected with the rewarding system at Ciklopea. In addition, the company particularly demonstrated investment in its employees’ education, as well as their overall availability and diversity.

Sara Demiri, HR manager, adds: “The brilliant results that we achieve every year are the result of devoted and systematic work in the field of human resources management. This year, we were focused on introduction of fine processes such as employee motivation and engagement and we perfected the existing processes such as recruitment and selection.  The results make us proud!”

The company organizes and it is involved in numerous activities aimed at introducing its business to the linguistics students and others interested in the language industry. Ciklopea has an ongoing cooperation with many universities from the region and organizes internships enabling the students to get a direct experience of work in their future industry through professional practice, and to that same end, Ciklopea previously organized the Summer School for linguistics students and graduates. In addition, Ciklopea organizes Doors open days twice a year, inviting all interested parties to experience a day of work at a localization company.

Currently, there are 67 holders of the Certificate in Croatia, Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Russia, Slovenia and Serbia. The Employer Partner project is supported by the portal MojPosao, the general sponsor, and the weekly business magazine Lider, the media sponsor. Learn More about the Employer Partner Certificate at the project website

For more information, contact:

Martina Kessler, Employer Partner Certificate Project Manager

E-mail: martina.kessler[at]

Tel.: 091 2274 858

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