Ciklopea Awarded “Excellence during Challenges” Award for Exceptional HR Practices during the Pandemic

Ciklopea 4 years ago 3 min read

Leading Croatian HR consultancy SELECTIO has awarded selected Croatian and international companies that demonstrated high quality human resources management and care for their employees during the pandemic. We are happy to announce that Ciklopea is one of these companies.

The Excellence during challenges award is awarded to the companies that demonstrated high quality human resources management and care for their employees during the pandemic. In addition to highlighting the importance of focus on the employees, the objective of this award is to exchange initiatives and good practices started by many companies in this period of great challenges and unpredictable circumstances.

The HR practices of the awarded companies have been independently evaluated.

The evaluated areas included agility and adaptability of the company, methods of business organization and communication with the employees during the crisis, the started initiatives to ensure physical health, security and wellbeing of the employees, as well as the technological readiness of the company to embrace new methods of work.

At Ciklopea, transparent communication and empowerment and education of the employees have also been emphasized. Internal educations have been digitized, and opinion surveys have been conducted to check satisfaction and adaptability of the employees to new circumstances during the crisis period:

“We started the Excellence during challenges project back in April to acknowledge the employers that demonstrated top HR practices and initiatives to ensure wellbeing and satisfaction of their employees under the challenging circumstances.

Ciklopea has been a certified Employer Partner for years and we were not surprised to see that they successfully adapted to the new circumstances.  

There were no employment terminations during the pandemic and all the employee benefits remained intact. In addition, all required digital tools and online educations were enabled to the employees in a timely manner, while an open communication was maintained to determine any additional requirements of the employees. We are glad to have had the opportunity to award these efforts of Ciklopea with the Excellence during challenges award.”  says Aleksandar Zemunić, CEO of SELECTIO.

Find out more about Ciklopea and other awarded companies here

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