Ciklopea at the Second ELRC Workshop in Croatia

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We are happy to announce that our Managing Director Mladen Stojak  will contribute to the Second European Language Resource Coordination workshop on 12 February 2019 at the European Commission Representation office in Zagreb.

European Commission

Mladen will share the recent findings, challenges and proposed solutions related to CEF e-translation in Croatia on the basis of the ongoing research on translation costs in public administration and estimated savings through development and use of translation memories in Spain, Latvia and Croatia for the Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA).

NEC TM Data Platform

The objectives of NEC TM Data Platform are to build a data bridge between public administration and language service providers, to promote the free flow of data between public administration and translation professionals and to act as a bridge between ELRC (European Language Resource Coordination) and European data-gathering efforts and national digital data-gathering efforts.

The NEC TM DATA consortium will deliver:

  1. A central pan-European Translation Memory-sharing platform, where TMs will be shared directly among Public Administrations, LSPs and professional linguists working on translations for the public sector.
  2. Versions of NEC TM at national level so that Member States can organize their language resources, categorize and classify them, and apply fuzzy matching to translation contracts.
  3. An online, collaborative translation memory to which translation companies can connect during translation projects, with automatic updates of each translation phase.
  4. Creation of a pan-European data-sharing awareness campaign, promoting better data-sharing practices in translation contracts between public administrations and language service providers.
NEC TM Data Platform

NEC TM Data Platform


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