Brand New Ciklopea Website is Now Online

Ciklopea 7 years ago 5 min read

Following the months of hard work, we are happy to announce that our brand new website has been launched.

Having realized that sections of the previous website that featured invaluable content remained largely unseen by users, we set out to develop a brand new website that will provide better user experience and simplified navigation with improved speed and flexibility.

As approximately one third of our visitors uses mobile devices, we decided to take the mobile-first approach that ultimately resulted in a largely improved user experience regardless of the type of device used. The updated website architecture includes a visual representation of textual elements, providing a cleaner and more intuitive interface that groups pieces of related content together.

One of the new website’s main features is streamlined navigation that enables users to reach any piece of content in three clicks or less. This reflects Ciklopea’s values of simplicity and transparency that were defined as an integral part of the company’s 2015 rebranding campaign.

The work on Ciklopea’s new online channel started under the bonnet – the website now runs on WordPress, the world’s top CMS that will enable our editors and producers to manage online content more easily and provide a greater flexibility for our users and partners. It is now easier than ever to access Ciklopea’s original resources featuring a wealth of information about important subjects and processes in the language industry and affirming Ciklopea’s position as an industry leader.

We hope that you will find our new website fresh and informative for your business. The goal of our new online platform is to provide valuable information on language solutions that will help you communicate your message to international markets and audiences in a clear, factual and user-friendly manner.

Follow us for more professional content and send us any suggestions you may have – we want to hear from you!

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