15 Years of Ciklopea! (Video)

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Ciklopea was founded late in 2003 as a home start-up. Fast forward 15 years, Ciklopea is a leading translation company with 3 production offices in 3 countries, dozens of employees and one of the Top 20 Language Services Providers in Southern Europe.

15 Years of Ciklopea! (Video)

How did it happen?

First and foremost, we understood the importance of communication in global business and we knew our job was to facilitate that communication across different markets and cultures. This remains our focus to this day.

Secondly, we also knew that in order to grow and develop, we had to invest in people who perform the tasks and bring their knowledge to the table, the processes designed to utilize the professional human knowledge and assure quality, and the technologies that support all of this and help us keep up with the global business developments. And we are still on this road.

We may say that, in terms of values and dedication, we haven’t aged a day – we are still devoted to the same goals as we were in 2003 and our success and growth are the results of that.

What has changed, though, is the scope. Ciklopea offered services in 2 language pairs in the beginning, now it is more than 150.  We had 4 employees, now there are 40. What was once one office in Zagreb are now three – in Ljubljana, Zagreb and in Belgrade.

These facts and figures alone give us the reasons to feel optimistic about the future and to remain dedicated to our established values and goals.

Check out the anniversary message from the Ciklopea team in the video below:

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