Celebrating the European Day of Languages at Ciklopea

Ciklopea 1 year ago 3 min read

The Ciklopea team has always had a passion for languages. Languages are not only our focus professionally, when it comes to translation and localization – the team has also always been open to passing on their knowledge to other stakeholders in the language community, including to academia and professional translation associations.

European Language Day

For us, it’s important to celebrate this special day every year!

According to the European Council, the general aim of this day is to draw attention to Europe’s rich linguistic and cultural diversity, which needs to be encouraged and maintained, but also to extend the range of languages that people learn throughout their lives in order to develop their plurilingual skills and reinforce intercultural understanding. The EDL is an opportunity to celebrate all of Europe’s languages, including those that are less widely spoken and the languages of migrants.

Here is what our colleagues from the linguistic team have to say on this important subject:

“Being multilingual in my job helps me with a complex or a badly written source text as I am not limited to only one version of the same text. In that sense, multilingualism pushes boundaries. It also brings people together.”

Marijana Mikić, Lead Linguist at Ciklopea

“Working in the language industry, being multilingual is essential – it goes without saying that in order to provide quality translations, the translator must be knowledgeable in the language rules and vocabulary of at least two languages, however, knowing more than one foreign language not only broadens our work opportunities, but also deepens our understanding of the very notion of language and culture. Being multilingual in our industry is not only beneficial for translators and proofreaders – it also enables easier communication with foreign clients, as it helps create an instant bond through a shared language.”

Paula Čivrak, Translator at Ciklopea

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