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Whether you’re exploring new job opportunities or looking for a language solutions vendor, there’s one question you’ll inevitably ask yourself: what makes this translation company different from others? More specifically, why should you consider it as your external partner or future employer?

We know that clearly communicating what sets us apart is the key to properly positioning Ciklopea on the market. It’s similar to making new friends: naturally, we want to leave a good first impression and present ourselves truthfully. You can do this only when your company identity is strong and after you’ve clearly mapped out your competitive advantages.

Today we invite you to explore the essence of Ciklopea and take a closer look at the way we’ve been carefully building our culture, services, and relationships – both internally, with our team members, and externally, with our clients.

Technology-eclectic approach

We are big believers in leveraging the power of automation to work more efficiently. Ultimately, this means using tech to remove repetitive manual tasks from one’s to-do list and including machine translation where it makes sense for the sake of cost optimization. This allows people to allocate their time to those areas where their contribution cannot easily be replaced by software (e.g. translation quality assurance, project management, transcreation).

This is exactly why we built our own proprietary software called Orchestrum. It’s made a huge difference when it comes to improving overall efficiency and the management of multilingual content. After the most recent update of Orchestrum, we were able to integrate it with a cloud-based CAT platform.

The result? Around 85% of administrative and repetitive project-related tasks can now be delegated to Orchestrum, which is a significant productivity boost. There are quite a few automation options available in the software. For example, you can automatically create projects thanks to integrations with various TMS tools, pull data from CAT tools such as Memsource, or fill out a vendor recruitment form to automatically create candidate profiles.

All in all, Orchestrum makes everyone’s life easier and even allows multiple LSP processes to be contained within a single system. Pretty neat, right?

Award-winning regional and industry expertise

For the fifth consecutive time, Ciklopea has been recognized as one of the top language service providers in Southern Europe. We believe that there are three key ingredients for such success in the translation industry.

Firstly, our team is made of great experts. But more importantly, we all collectively invest in continuous improvement and professional development. Secondly, it’s because of our technological infrastructure and meaningful partnerships with industry leaders that we’re able to develop system integrations and improve our existing practices. Last but not least, it’s due to our innovative approach, custom business processes, and the flexibility we have for each individual client.

Additionally, we have specific industry expertise and cultural knowledge of the biggest global markets. We help the life sciences, IT and software, tech, and manufacturing industries effectively communicate with their target locales. After almost two decades of working in the industry, we’ve learned the best ways to use localization to help your business grow globally.

Committed to seeing our clients succeed

We offer translation, localization, and consulting in more than 150 language pairs, with a range of additional services designed to help you build meaningful relationships with your international audiences.

Saying that we’re client-focused might sound like a business cliché, but it is true nonetheless. We’re well aware that localization and translation are the key ingredients to succeeding on international markets. Speaking your customers’ language can not only increase sales, but can also create a stronger bond with your target audience and prevent miscommunication.

Every client has a unique business situation, but often the set of challenges they face is universal. Thanks to our experience, it takes little time for us to define what would be the best translation workflow – both in terms of efficiency, cost optimization, and achieving the best quality.

For example, for Affidea, the leading provider of advanced diagnostic imaging, we established an agile workflow that allowed us to translate 2.4 million words of clinical materials and GDPR policies into 15 languages in a timely manner. Read this and other case studies if you’re curious to discover more about our past projects.

It’s the people who matter

As we already mentioned, there are three key elements at the core of Ciklopea’s success: people, technology, and processes. Even though they all play their part, we have to underline the people factor. The thing is, technology and processes don’t have value if you don’t have amazing people that will use them and improve them over time.

This is why we’re very selective when it comes to hiring. It’s not just about the expertise one person brings to the table. It’s also the mindset, values, and willingness to continue learning. The person should not only fit into the culture but also add to it. This is how we can collectively grow and ensure better results for our clients.

People work together like ants and bees and each individual in a sometimes complex ecosystem contributes to a shared goal. This is why Ciklopea has always focused on people. If you trust your team, create a healthy work environment, and ensure they have everything they need to do their work to the best of their abilities, rest assured that they will.

Throughout the years, we have strengthened our partnership with academia to help students find their way into the working world. The idea is to bridge the gap between linguistic and technical knowledge by offering students the opportunity to learn hands-on. In addition to internships, we organize workshops, lectures, open door days, and the Ciklopea Summer School.

Don’t just trust our word for it

Each year, we conduct a client survey to learn how our partners see us and map potential areas of improvement. This is how we ensure that the quality of our services stays top-notch. Here are some key takeaways from 2022:

  • Our NPS is 70% and we’ll continue working towards an even higher percentage
  • More than 75% of our partners would recommend working with Ciklopea to their colleagues
  • On a scale of 1 to 5, our clients gave our project management team a score of 4.81
  • Our vendor management team received a score of 4.88
  • Our accounting management team received a score of 4.91

We’re pretty happy with how our clients perceive the value Ciklopea provides. It motivates us, even more, to continue improving our services.

Have a project in mind?

It’s challenging to put everything that makes Ciklopea unique on the market in a single article. However, we hope that this gave you an idea of who we are as a company and what we can do for you.

If you have a translation or localization project in mind, or if you’re interested in consulting services, feel free to Schedule a Discovery Call. We’re more than happy to explore how we can help you.

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