My Ciklopea Story: Maja Peradin

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In the first interview in our My Ciklopea Story series in 2019 our Project Management Team Lead Maja Peradin tells us about her career path and shares professional tips on high quality project management.

How did you get into the language industry?

I have been a fan of literature and foreign languages for as long as I can remember. Over the years, these passions combined with a love for travel. This combination of interests was crucial for my choice of education and it inspired me to study Italian and Czech language and literature. I found work in the language industry almost immediately after graduation, first as a translator and later on as a project manager.

How many languages can you speak and/or understand?

In addition to being a native Croatian speaker who can also understand the related South Slavic languages, I am fluent in English, Italian and Czech. I can also understand quite a bit of Macedonian, Slovak and Spanish.

How did you become a project manager?

I applied for the position out of curiosity and it turned out to be a fun combination of my interests. Project management in the language industry combines linguistic skills, IT, problem solving, communication, organization and coordination, and it is never boring. After five years on this job, it would be hard for me to imagine myself doing anything else.

What is the driving force of your job?

What excites me most about my job is that I get to learn new things every day, either related to the new technologies or about the process improvement. I always try to think about new solutions for my teams, with the goals of doing an even better job and finding the best possible solution for our clients. The biggest success is when the whole team feels good about having done the best job possible. In Ciklopea we like to say that we prefer doing things the smart way rather than the easy way.

If you were to choose a career outside the language industry, what would it be?

Before deciding on an education and career in the language industry, I had a strong interest in the visual arts. Drawing and design have remained my hobbies, so if I were to work outside the language industry, it would probably be a creative job that has something to do with art or design.

What is your piece of advice to your younger colleagues?

Without the intention of sounding like a meme :), I would advise all junior project managers to keep calm and manage projects, no matter what unpredicted situation they encounter. The job is dynamic and it can sometimes be stressful, but if you think about the new situations as challenges and opportunities to be creative instead of being afraid of them, it can be a lot of fun!

 What is your secret superpower?

I sing in a band. But don`t tell anyone! 🙂

What is your favorite quote?

“Do. Or do not. There is no try.” by Yoda 🙂

The three things you would take to a desert island?

My e-book reader for pastime on the beach, a phone with wireless Internet so that I can advertise the place online and invite other travellers to come and enjoy the intact nature with me, and lots of sunblock.

Describe Ciklopea in one sentence.

Ciklopea is a friendly and dynamic team with continuous learning opportunities.

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