Healthy & Socially Responsible Lifestyle at Ciklopea

Ivana Barišić Oharek 3 years ago 5 min read

We all like to think that we’re working for a socially responsible company. Everyone talks about the different achievements and recognition related to successful business operations, care for their employees and the environment. But what exactly does it mean in the language industry? Is it possible for such company to have a healthy and socially responsible approach to its stakeholders and the society in general?

Healthy & Socially Responsible Lifestyle at Ciklopea

We at Ciklopea couldn’t do it any other way. I am proud that I work in a company where health and social responsibility are not just words, but a real lifestyle. At the times when we’re faced with serious global challenges, that counts even more.

I was inspired to write this article when one of our big medical clients supported our decision to issue an electronic invoice instead of standard paper invoice using.

“That’s great! We save forests, we don’t need to print anything, I am proud to work with a supplier that cares about the environment, that is so important to us, that’s your great advantage! “, the client said.

So true and so normal for my team, however, maybe not that usual in other companies.

Thinking green has always been very important for all of us. It’s that extra mile that makes us more connected to our company and to the world.

Every single day we demonstrate our responsibility towards our community, our colleagues and partners all around the world and the generations to come. I believe this attitude is one of the main reasons why we have been able to stay afloat in these challenging times, as confirmed by the recent “Excellence during Challenges” award.

Ciklopea Health and Socially Responsible Lifestyle lies on four pillars:


We are a people-first company in every aspect:

We promote growth and learning initiatives because education and personal growth are vital elements for every single employee and this is why we organize and/or join education activities in accordance with the professional interest and development needs of every employee.

Communication is the key to success in every organization, so we regularly organize meetings at the department and the company levels where all important information related to the business is shared, helping us understand the bigger picture and make decisions accordingly.


  • Feng shui working environment: the first thing our clients comment when coming to our offices is our modern and comfortable working space, that took my breath away the first time I came to Ciklopea for my job interview. It makes you feel comfortable even while working with numbers and tables
  • Lunch breaks and fruits provided for every employee
  • we’re supported to come to work by bike
  • Ciklopea encourages its employees to undergo annual medical exams, providing them with health insurance cards for regular or special medical checkups


  • Separating paper and plastic waste, printing only necessary documents – for the money generated from refundable plastic bottles we regularly buy candies and sweets for the office.
  • We avoid plastic dishes – we even started to use a new coffee machine with paper coffee pods instead of aluminum capsules
  • We have awesome business eco-friendly gifts: wooden plantable pencils with Mediterranean seeds are my favorites


Collaboration with universities (University of Zagreb, University of Ljubljana): we support internship courses and summer schools for young and promising future linguists willing to learn more about the language industry

– We care about equal opportunities: we are a company with the same number of female and male employees from all Croatian regions.

Our social responsibility has already been recognized and rewarded, so we’re looking forward to make further steps both professionally and ethically. I’ll keep you posted…

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