From Student to Translator: How Translation Internships Help You Make a Big Splash in the Language Industry

Ciklopea 6 years ago 5 min read

Are you a translation student looking for your first big break? Or are you a lecturer looking for new opportunities for your students? Whichever sums you up, internships are a great way to bridge the gap between translation industry veterans and the new generation of translators.

From Student to Translator: How Translation Internships Help You Make a Big Splash in the Language Industry

Just like any other industry, translation internships allow students to learn the craft of translation first-hand, and put everything they’ve learned at college into practice. If you’re not sure about doing an internship, we’ve put together these 5 points on why and internship is a great choice and what you can get out of it.

Internships can help you find your future employer

Unfortunately, we live in a world where unemployment is on the rise, and students are facing more and more competition to get their foot into the job market. By doing an internship, students will not only get experience to put on their CV, many students actually end up finding their future employer.

Need a reference? Do an internship!

Everyone dreads the phrase “can’t get a job without experience, but can’t get experience without a job”. Doing an internship not only gives you something to put on your CV as we mentioned before, but it also gives you someone to put down as a reference, which could really give you the edge when jobhunting.

You could meet an industry role-model/mentor

There are some things that you can’t get from sitting in front of a computer and studying. Things you learn through experience are priceless, and nothing beats getting to sit down with someone more experienced and learning the tricks of the trade first hand.

Test-driving your knowledge during your internship

Knowing something in theory can never compare to getting your hands dirty and trying it out for yourself in a real-life situation. Doing an internship will help you do just that, before you get your first proper job.

Internships teach you work skills

Student life is nice and comfy isn’t it. But sadly, that’s not the case when it comes to the working world. It’s something us working folk take a bit for granted, but getting used to being at work for 8 hours on end does take some getting used to. And so do some of the skills used at work life office etiquette, time keeping, customer service etc.

So, as you can see, doing an internship can really help you in many ways. If you’d like to know more about translation internship opportunities, why not get in touch?

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