Ciklopea Summer School 2017: Our Story (Video)

Ciklopea 5 years ago 2 min read

The 3rd Ciklopea Summer School took place in Zagreb, from 21. August to 1. September 2017 and was attended by 9 students from Croatia, Serbia and, for the very first time, from the Republic of Macedonia. This is their story.

Ciklopea Summer School 2017: Our Story (Video)

The video features interviews with our lead linguists Marija Gračić and Helena Dubravec, Dr. sc. Sanja Seljan, professor at Department of information and communication sciences of Faculty of humanities and social sciences in Zagreb and students Matea Košutić and Annamaria Pauković.

The students were introduced to the technologies and procedures of a professional translation environment, including the introduction to the fundamentals of localization and globalization, different types of language solutions, language industry standards, CAT and QA tools, and possible occupations and career development in the translation industry.

Ciklopea Summer School is an extension of university education, providing the future translators and professional linguists with an opportunity to gain insight into the world of professional language services and practical knowledge before their first professional experiences. In addition, it provides us, as a language service provider, with an opportunity to recognize the needs and expectations of our younger colleagues and tailor the school program accordingly.

Download our eBook Ciklopea Summer School – Lessons Learned for more stories.

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