My Ciklopea Story: Tin Režek

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Tin Režek is a student of management and economics who has been working in the business development department under the mentorship of BDM Zana Boljkovac for a few months now. Our HR manager Sara Demiri conducted an interview with Tin on his experience at Ciklopea.

Tin Režek, Zana Boljkovac and Sara Demiri
My Ciklopea Story: Tin Režek, Zana Boljkovac and Sara Demiri

Tin, I believe that you had carefully explored the internship possibilities before you decided to join Ciklopea. Can you tell me what made you choose us? When did it click?

Ciklopea was an interesting choice because I didn’t really know much about the language industry. I really wanted to put my best effort into the internship/work practice because that is always the best way to learn anything. That was my mindset and I realized that Ciklopea could provide the perfect opportunity for me to learn something new.

It’s interesting that you are not a linguist and yet you saw the opportunity in Ciklopea. What’s the connection between Ciklopea and your chosen career, management and economics?

Language industry is most definitely connected with the knowledge I have been acquiring at the university. Marketing and sales are among the core departments in any company and so it is in Ciklopea.

You’ve been with us for a while and you’ve worked on several interesting projects and tasks. What is the most interesting project you were assigned on?

I would like to point out a parallel project that I’ve been working on, and that is developing a presentation for the team that explains the issues of lack of the internal communication in a company and how to improve that. Research and spreading of knowledge is an extremely satisfying part of the job.

Could you please compare how you saw us the first time you came to Ciklopea and how you see us now?

I have felt like being at the right place since day one. The friendliness and the warmth from everyone that I experienced on my first day never ceased and I hope that I have managed to give some of it back.

What have you learned at Ciklopea?

Ciklopea has provided me with a lot of invaluable business information. I believe I will be able to understand the technology, knowledge and features of every new company. I will most definitely be able to provide answers to the questions such as “How?”, “Why?” and “When?” to my future colleagues much easier thanks to my experience at Ciklopea.

Is there anything worthwhile that you’ve learned at Ciklopea and that you will be able to use in the future?

I believe that Ciklopea taught me more than just business. I would like to emphasize human relations as one skill that Ciklopea has made me better at. It’s an asset that will stay with me forever, thanks to Ciklopea, inter alia. My mentor Zana Boljkovac expressed great patience for me during the learning process.  In addition, all the business knowledge that she and the marketing and sales team shared with me will definitely be useful in the future.

What are your professional ambitions?

Ambition is a virtue of many young people in this day and age. I certainly believe that I am a fighter, I don’t give up easily and keep on fighting until the very end. I believe that I could achieve a lot in the business world with such attitude, and that is certainly my goal after the graduation. Having a top position in a comparatively new, but highly competent company is not an easy task, but that’s a goal high enough for me. But even if that happens, I believe I could achieve even more, but I wouldn’t worry about it at the moment.

Could you see yourself as a permanent member of the Ciklopea team? Could Ciklopea be the place to satisfy your professional ambitions?

Ciklopea is most definitely a quality company that provides a lot of space for advancement of the individuals who prove themselves. I would like to work in a company like that once I graduate and I would certainly be happy to return to Ciklopea.

Marketing or sales – which one do you prefer and why?

Marketing has always been a more appealing aspect of economics for me because I believe that sales takes a particular talent and that it can’t be done right by anybody. I never worked in sales, although I’d like to see if I have that particular talent. But anyway, marketing is my thing.

How would you describe work atmosphere at Ciklopea?

As a very relaxing one. There’s no too much undesired pressure in the office and the hard work of the colleagues provides a solid base for work throughout the day.

Are the tasks/projects that you are assigned on educational?

Every task is educational if you really pay attention to the data you are working on. There’s a lot to learn from everything and I believe that curiosity is a desired attitude of a business man. I want to be able to speak with everyone I meet on any subject and that’s why I liked all tasks.

Are the project/task requirements clearly communicated to you?

Each task and every project have their issues. There were always questions from my end at the beginning, but I always had enough information to resolve all the issues.

What is it that you particularly like about Ciklopea?

The humanity of all team member. Every question was answered and every help was given instantly. The importance of such work environment can never be emphasized enough and that’s a very positive side of Ciklopea.

Do you like your work or do you hate that period after 10 PM on Sundays?

Liking comes from interesting tasks. Everyday office work is not an issue for me because I always have interesting tasks.

Thank you Tin for sharing this with us. We wish you a very successful professional journey and hope our paths will cross again. 🙂

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