My Ciklopea Story: Ines Ivelja

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Ines Ivelja was Ciklopea’s in-house translators for several years before starting her own translation business. This is her story.

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I started working at Ciklopea as a graduate student of English and Croatian Studies. Having majored in translation at the Department of English, I was familiar with the process of translating and revising specialized and complex materials from various fields of expertise even before I graduated. Nevertheless, the transition from the university to the professional world turned out more difficult than I initially expected.

Luckily, I was met with an incentive work environment, a great mentor and supportive colleagues who were always ready and willing to share their experiences. I started working on localization projects, while at the same time getting familiar with simple CAT tools and rules for translation of specific types of materials. It’s important to master all the rules of a specific field of expertise in order to apply them in a constructive and creative way.

During my tenure at Ciklopea I got introduced to translation technology, learned how to use CAT and QA tools, became familiar with the principles of working in the language industry on large-scale projects, as well as the principles of processing terminology.

Working for a leading LSP in Southern Europe provided me with an opportunity to work on large-scale projects for the international clients, learn how to work in a team and how to communicate individually with Project Managers and clients. Over time, I specialized in the fields of software localization, medicine and pharmacy.

I acquired invaluable experience and even had the opportunity to become a mentor and to pass on my knowledge to new translators in Ciklopea Summer School.

Having completed my internship, the next logical career move was to start my own translation business.

In doing this, I was met with wholehearted support and encouragement from Ciklopea’s Human Resources Department, which helped me get through the logistic part of this process and provided me with numerous useful information. Our cooperation continued, but in a different form.

Today, I can honestly say that most of what I know about translation stems from my professional experience at Ciklopea. As an independent translator, I now know that I can always count on Ciklopea’s team to provide me with feedback and support in my professional journey. I have been extremely satisfied with our cooperation over the recent years and I am looking forward to its successful continuation.

Ines Ivelja

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