Meet Ciklopea at the Translating Europe Forum 2022

Ciklopea 3 months ago 3 min read

We’re pleased to announce that our colleagues Ivana Barišić Oharek, HR & Vendor Manager, and Zana Čizmin, CBDO, will represent Ciklopea at the Translating Europe Forum event taking place in Brussels and online (a hybrid event), Belgium, from 9-11 November.

The subject of the conference is: Going beyond translating text and how translation and language technologies make it easier for people to access information.
A tool for mutual understanding between cultures, translation is one of the invisible powers behind globalisation and economic growth.
The wide availability of virtually free MT engines has seen overall translation volumes go through the roof as the world becomes ever more interconnected. Yet despite this “technological revolution”, demand for skilled translation professionals is growing.

#2022TEF will show how technology, coupled with the specialist skills and knowledge of translation professionals, is making the world a more interconnected, accessible and user-friendly place. Translation continues to help businesses reach foreign clients, with the audio-visual sector taking on increasing prominence. Emerging language technologies such as speech-to-text and automated speech recognition help people in crisis situations overcome language barriers, bring them more diverse foreign news content and allow them to enjoy films in different languages. Technology means we can dream big, but humans – with our irreplaceable creativity – remain centre-stage.

If you are attending 2022TEF as well and want to connect prior:

Schedule a meeting with Ivana

Schedule a meeting with Zana

Looking forward to new partnerships!

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