Meet Ciklopea at NTIF 2022

Ciklopea 7 months ago 3 min read

We’re happy to announce that Ciklopea is coming to NTIF2022 in Malmö, Sweden!

The event takes place 16–18 November.

NTIF is a forum where language industry representatives are given access to a platform for exchanging ideas and knowledge in an engaging and inclusive environment.

The organiser’s aim is to maintain a Nordic regional focus with their themes and speakers as well as their forum venues.

Meet Ciklopea’ s representatives, the management team (Mladen Stojak, Managing Partner & CSO and Sandra Boljkovac Stojak, Founder & CEO), and learn more about Ciklopea and Southern Europe.

Schedule a meeting with Mladen

Schedule a meeting with Sandra

Looking forward to meeting you at the Nordic Translation Industry Forum!

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