Gazelle Awards 2011 Held in Zagreb

Ciklopea 12 years ago 3 min read
Gazelle Awards 2011 Held in Zagreb | News | Blog | Ciklopea
Ciklopea was awarded the Gazelle for the fiscal year of 2010.

What is the Gazelle?

Gazelles are companies characterized by the ability to react quickly and to adapt to market changes, have a sophisticated business philosophy, use and apply new knowledge rapidly, and base their growth on innovation. Gazelle companies are promising and fast growing and represent secure and transparent business partners. In total number of companies Gazelles make up no more than five percent. These companies record above average growth rates and can work in any industry. Ciklopea was named one of these companies.

Animal world terminology

While elephants are old, overfed, large companies that stand in place or reduce activity, mice represent small businesses that operate only for “their daily bread,” and do not have growth ambitions or potential. Gazelles are vital enterprises responsible for economic growth and the creation of new jobs. As in nature each gazelle awakens with the realization that she must run faster than the fastest lion to survive the day, the company Gazelles realize that they must progress and develop faster than others in the pursuit of innovations and improvements in their operations.

Gazelles in Croatia

In Croatia, the Gazelle companies are identified and monitored since 2006 by the business newspaper The source of data for inclusion on the list of Gazelle’s is collected from the Financial Agency, or the public annual financial reports of business entities. Well-defined and quantified parameters exist for evaluation. Upon evaluation each of the six regions in Croatia yields a certain number of companies. Ciklopea was awarded a Gazelle nomination for 2010 in the City of Zagreb region.

We are proud of this Gazelle nomination and we strive to continue in this manner so we can justify our place on the list of successful and responsible businesses, to the satisfaction of our valued employees, partners and customers.

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