New ebook available: The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Localization Costs

Ciklopea 7 months ago 3 min read
The ultimate guide to understanding localization costs

If we had a dollar for every time a client asked us to break down localization costs, we’d be pretty rich. However, we do appreciate this question because it invites us to be transparent about our pricing.

At Ciklopea, we try our best to educate our clients and stay true to our people-first approach, which ultimately means prioritizing business relationships and employees’ well-being over profits. Still, one of the most common mistakes we’ve noticed is a logical fallacy that localization costs = translation fees per word.

This is why we decided to write an ebook that explains:

  • The dilemma of localization costs vs. localization as an investment
  • How to break down localization costs
  • Which localization costs are optional
  • Which localization costs are inevitable
  • How technology can help you decrease localization costs

Want to learn more? Download your ebook today to fully understand localization costs.

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