On Growth, Challenges, People and Culture with Mladen Stojak

Ciklopea 2 years ago 3 min read

Our MD, Mladen Stojak, has recently been a guest on memoQ Talks, where he shared some of the stories behind Ciklopea‘s growth, transformation, organizational culture, and more.

mladen stojak

One of the highlights was the subject of staying competitive while preserving quality, and how during the last seven to eight years, Ciklopea started specializing more. It was a challenging time, but thanks to this process, we’ve entered a new, rewarding era.

When it comes to our hiring process and expanding the team, he added that this is the only unique thing about every single company on this planet. Culture is something that makes a difference, and it cannot be copied easily.

“Over time, Ciklopea developed a certain set of values which we are following every day. And this is the framework for the company in general and for the way forward – that culture is essential.”

When it comes to the advantages and disadvantages of doing business in SEE, one of the characteristics of the language service industry, in general, is a fragmented market.

Ciklopea’s market position at the moment is such that we’re generating more than 80% of our revenue on the global market.

In terms of the job positions Ciklopea offers, it’s about local orientation in general, whether we talk about linguistic resources, project management resources or any other technical people.

“Ciklopea is now a highly technically competent company able to support its clients in many ways, not just in terms of linguistics and project management.”

We cannot agree more 😊.

Find the full conversation at the link below:

Video – On Growth, Challenges, People and Culture with Mladen Stojak

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