Ciklopea Coffee Chat (Video): What Do Translation, Post-Editing, and Teaching Have in Common?

Ciklopea 4 months ago 3 min read

We recently had a chat with Marija Omazić, a Full Professor at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of the University of Osijek and Director of the MA in Translation and Interpreting Studies.

She’s a translator, post-editor, teacher, interpreter… But she’s also so much more than all that – she’s a truly kind person ready to share her knowledge with others.

Marija shared her experience with post-editing and talked about all the opportunities her students have when it comes to learning more about the translation and localization industry, as well as why teaching by example is a very  successful method.

We also broached the subject of specialization in translation and how to reach a particular level of excellence in your everyday work.

We believe that we are quite a match, because Ciklopea has always tried to offer great opportunities for students, be it through internships, workshops, lectures, Open Door Days, or Summer Schools. We believe that success comes naturally when you use the right tech, rely on the right processes, and most importantly, have the right people on your team.

Investing in your people and helping them grow is incredibly valuable. You can learn a lot through practical work, but also through mentorship and mapping gaps in knowledge that can be taken care of with the right type of training.

Ciklopea Coffee Chat is our new series designed to bring you interesting and insightful conversations with language professionals and researchers.

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