Ciklopea Coffee Chat (Video): AI Is an Opportunity, if You Know How to Use It

Ciklopea 1 year ago 2 min read

Looking to expand your business globally and wondering how to tailor your products and services to local markets? Then you won’t want to miss our latest video interview with a localization expert, Josef Kubovsky​​​​, CEO at Nimdzi Insights.

In this insightful discussion, we dive deep into the world of localization and explore key strategies for adapting your content to meet the needs of different regions and cultures. So whether you’re a seasoned professional or new to the field, join us as we gain valuable insights from one of the industry’s leading experts.

We couldn’t not mention ChatGPT and its role to change the future of content creation and language services as well, given the fact that artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming various industries.

We are firm believers that the success of AI depends on how it is used. It offers significant opportunities, but only if you approach it strategically and responsibly. As AI continues to evolve, organizations that can harness its power effectively will gain a competitive advantage.

Still, it cannot replace human intuition and creativity entirely. Therefore, it is crucial to strike a balance between AI and human intervention.

Ciklopea Coffee Chat is our new series designed to bring you interesting and insightful conversations with language professionals and researchers.

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