Ciklopea Coffee Chat (Video): Premium content and the most versatile Lego block in the industry

Ciklopea 3 months ago 2 min read

Recently we had an interesting chat with Balázs Kis, Co-CEO and Chief Compliance Officer at memoQ Translation Technologies Ltd.

We touched on the subjects of translation localization processes where the human actors play a crucial role, geographical locations and the users of a TMS and of course, we couldn’t not mention that sometimes, machine translation still simply isn’t enough.

Balázs shared his experiences of founding of the company almost 20 years ago, about the very beginnings of memoQ, his vast experience with the localization of products over time and TMS functionalities in general.

We talked to him about how the tool offers various functionalities when it comes to the metrics of the work done, plugins to make your production team more efficient and of course, their future plans when it comes to one of the most popular TMSs in the industry.

If you want to find out more about how memoQ helps Ciklopea streamline the translation process, read our Success Story.

Ciklopea Coffee Chat is our new series designed to bring you interesting and insightful conversations with language professionals and researchers.

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