Why We See Our Vendors as Superheroes

Ivana Barišić Oharek 4 years ago 3 min read

Is it hard to build trust and partnership with vendors in a translation and localization company? I don’t think so! This article features some of our secrets.

Ciklopea is a language service provider – one of the largest in the region. We are very keen on using new technologies and AI support to human translation. We use all kinds of computer-aided translation tools to be more efficient, consistent and faster. We develop translation memories and terminology bases to guarantee our clients a consistent, precise and quality checked content – on time! That’s a fact.

However, without the great, thorough and precious work of our translators and editors, our so special linguists who have many superpowers, Ciklopea’s image and reputation with our clients would never be as good as it is! I say superpowers because our vendors are very often true superheroes.

They are all highly educated and well versed on the subjects of medicine, pharmacy, technology, science, law and other topics. They are all professionals in their work. They are multi-skilled, they master several languages at least at the C1 level. At the same time, they are a bit shy and humble as most of them don’t want to be too exposed by revealing too much of their character or personal life, which we completely understand (and appreciate!).

As a translator at heart, I completely understand all those quiet and sometimes hysterical 🙂 moments of search for the right term on the internet late at night, I remember weekends I spent typing and doing researches about car anatomy, who could ever forget looking up in tons of glossaries and websites?

That’s why we like to think of our linguists as our most valuable partners.


It’s great when, starting a new project, you already have in mind the translator who’s going to take care of it! Like a movie director who, having seen the screenplay, knows already who would be the ideal actor for the main role…

We like to call them partners, because they really are more than ordinary service providers to us. We like to get to know them in person, to invite them for a coffee in our offices or to send them a Christmas gift!

Based on their previous experience and interests, our vendors are grouped in teams – medical, technical, legal, business, economy, marketing… But they are all essential parts of our nice story!

Do you have what it takes? Here are the superpowers of a Ciklopea vendor:

  1. Internet addict – checks mailbox every two seconds and replies faster than lightning
  2. Always available – accepts all projects that the Production Team may offer
  3. Savvy  – expert in one or more specialization fields (preferably knows better than any encyclopedia, dictionary or glossary)
  4. Frantic typist – types at the speed of thought
  5. CAT lover – has many CAT tools
  6. Time appreciator – delivers even before the deadline
  7. Inquisitive researcher – keen to learn new bizarre terms that he/she may never ever use again
  8. Ciklopeafile 😊

Think you can be a Ciklopea superhero? Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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