We are Looking for Reinforcements!

Ciklopea 4 years ago 3 min read

Would you like to join one of the top LSPs in Southern Europe that continues its operations despite the pandemics, as confirmed by the recent award for excellence during challenges?

We would like to reinforce our team and we invite new partners who would like to apply their skills on translation and localization projects for successful brands in the fields of life sciences, tools and machines and marketing, as well as technical and legal translation.

If you are a professional linguist with at least two years of translation experience in the following language pairs:

DE-HR (life sciences)

EN-HR (life sciences, EU projects)

DE-SL (marketing)

FR-EN (life sciences, technical translation)




Fill in the form below, or send your CV to: hr[at]ciklopea.com

We are also looking for native English speakers with translation/proofreading experience!

We will be glad to provide you with support on your initial projects, help you specialize in your chosen field and become a full member of our big multilingual family!

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