We are Looking for Montenegrin Translators (M/F)

Ciklopea 4 years ago 3 min read

Ciklopea is looking for freelance English , German, Slovenian – Montenegrin translators.


Translators and revisers

Source languages: English, German, Slovenian

Target language: Montenegrin


Medicine, pharmacy, clinical research, tools and machines, IT and software, marketing and tourism

Job description:

  • Written translation
  • Bilingual editing/revision
  • Development of glossaries and termbases
  • Communication with project managers and the technical team

Required knowledge and skills:

  • Target language proficiency, excellent grammar and spelling knowledge
  • Source language proficiency
  • Active use of CAT and QA tools (MemoQ, Verifika)

Form of employment:

Work from home (freelance) with constant support from an online mentor.

Ciklopea offers work on dynamic and interesting projects, technical and linguistic training, as well as professional growth and development.

Please apply only if you meet the above specified criteria. Please note that the competences will be tested in a selection process.

Please send your CV and cover letter to: hr[at]ciklopea.com

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