We are Looking for English – Croatian EU Translators (M/F)

Ciklopea 5 years ago 2 min read

Ciklopea is looking for freelance English – Croatian translators with the EU materials translation experience.

English-Croatian EU Translator


Translator / proofreader

Source language: English

Target language: Croatian

Industry / Specialization: EU

Job description:

  • Written translation
  • Bilingual editing/revision
  • Development of glossaries and termbases
  • Communication with project managers and the technical team

Required knowledge and skills:

  • Target language proficiency, excellent grammar and spelling knowledge
  • Source language proficiency
  • Active use of CAT and QA tools

Form of employment:

Work from home (freelance)


If you believe you are experienced and meet the requirements, send us your application to hr[at]ciklopea.com!


Don’t forget to include your CV and a cover letter!

Ciklopea offers work on dynamic and interesting projects, technical and linguistic training, professional growth and development.

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