We are Looking for a DevOps Engineer (M/F)

Ciklopea 5 years ago 2 min read
We are Looking for a DevOps Engineer (M/F)

Your tasks:

  • Server maintenance and control, backup system setup.
  • Existing Domain Controller and user rights maintenance.
  • Workstation maintenance (installation, updating and installed software maintenance)
  • Mail server maintenance and user account management
  • Existing IT network maintenance
  • Online traffic monitoring and handling in case of overload etc.
  • Monitoring the internal CMS development and smaller system updates
  • Planning comprehensive CMS updates with external team of developers
  • Basic tasks in WordPress (CMS, MySQL databases)
  • Full IT infrastructure monitoring and improvement suggestion
  • Understanding ISO 27001 and GDPR requirements, internal audits and harmonizing according to the standards.
  • Generally, a high degree of independence and proactivity is expected from you, as well as continuous learning and development

What we expect from you

  • Hardware

Understanding the IT system basics (servers, workstations, Domain Controller, user rights)

Excellent command of MS Windows PRO OS, Windows Server

  • Network

Understanding the basics of setup and maintenance of IT network in an SME

Internet: connection, speed, connection methods

  • Software

MS Windows PRO and Sever

MS Office

Microsoft MySQL

Understanding the principles of interdependent systems integration (e.g. API)

Understanding the principles of mail servers, downloading to computers (Outlook), email backup

  • Internal CRM system

Understanding basics of programming (PHP, HTML5, JavaScript)

Maintenance: small fixes and updates of the existing functions, bug fixing (independent)

Development of the new functions with the team of developers

Work in a ticketing system (such as JIRA)

  • Web

Understanding WordPress (advanced knowledge, e.g. Templates (Pagebuilder), multilingual pages)

Work in MySQL databases

  • Other

Basics of information security (ISO 9001, ISO 27001)

Basics of GDPR

Crisis management

People management


Accuracy, precision and self-organization




December 2018

Please send your CV and cover letter to hr[at]ciklopea.com

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