Translation Quality Assessment

15 years of experience have showed us time and again that all answers to whether translation quality can be improved lie in the translation process. Our FREE translation quality assessment service has been developed to help you detect the strengths and the weaknesses of your own translation or localization process and find the ways for improvement.

You Need Translation Quality Assessment When:

You Need Translation Quality Assessment When:

  • you’re having issues with your translated/localized materials
  • you want to determine if your translations can be better
  • you need an independent opinion

Use the expertise of one of Top 20 LSPs in Southern Europe.

Translation quality is not an illusive thing that happens (or doesn’t happen) by chance. It is a defined outcome of a carefully developed process consisting of several stages performed before and after the actual translating. These stages vary depending on the specific aspects of every project such as the language pair, target audience or media, but at the very least include technical preparation and quality control.

Our process has been developed and fine-tuned for 15 years and it shows:

We are now sharing our expertise, experience and values with you.

What Do You Get?

Ciklopea’s translation audit includes assessment of the major aspects of translated/localized materials including:

  • Accuracy: Is the translated content consistent with the source content?
  • Correctness: Are the rules and norms of grammar, orthography, date/time and currency formats of the target language / country followed?
  • Consistency: Is the translated material lexically and stylistically consistent?
  • Fluency: Does the material sound natural in the target language?
  • Language Combination: Are there any “false friends” left in the translation between the mutually intelligible or related languages?
  • Target Audience: Does the text properly address the target audience?
  • Medium: Is the material adapted to the medium?
  • Industry: Are the specific terms properly localized?

All you have to do is describe your translation issue in detail and our expert team will perform a SWOT analysis and show you what to do to optimize your process and achieve top translation quality.

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You will receive translation quality report within 48 hours.  Ciklopea guarantees your privacy and keeps your info confidential.

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