Localization and SEO: A Perfect Match

Juraj Močilac 2 weeks ago
SEO Localization

Usually when I’m lurking around the World Wide Web – which is 24/7 – I get involved with content originally written in English. Which is why I make search queries in English, even though it’s not my mother tongue. It’s not so much due to a lack of content in my first language, but rather […]

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Ciklopea Shines As Employer Partner For the Fourth Time

Ciklopea 4 weeks ago
Sara Demiri, Sandra Boljkovac Stojak

Every year, the Employer Partner Certificate is awarded to employers who manage to meet the rigid criteria for quality human resources management. The efficient balancing of the employer’s and employees’ satisfaction is visible in their partnership, which is continuously built and strengthened. Owing to our hard work and effort, constant improvement and development of business […]

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Medical Translation Challenges

Miloš Matović 1 month ago
Medical Translation Challenges

The task of language professionals is essentially the same across industries and can always be summarized as helping companies and organizations communicate their messages to the target audiences, partners and clients. In this article we take a look at what medical translators need to know to make this communication possible in the vast and the diverse world of life sciences.

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We Are Looking for a German Lead Linguist (M/F)

Ciklopea 1 month ago

Your Tasks: Taking part in organization of complex projects and development of language solutions. Daily cooperation with project managers. Mentorship and introduction of new translators. Monitoring and rating of translator’s work. Suggesting required training for translators. Continuous work with translators / development of their skills. Process and procedures development. Daily work in specialized professional software. […]

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